Powder actuated fastening technology


SHANK. Made from top quality drawn steel wire skein. The shank diameter is 3.75 mm Ø for all nails except for the GBH nail which is Ø. 4.00 mm, GD8 of Ø 4,5 mm and KDHC of Ø 3,70 mm.

HEAD. The wire is cut to the required nail length and pressed to create the nail head. Head diameter: 8 mm Ø for model KD, KDR, KDH, KDHM, KDHR 23, KDHR 36, KDC and KISL nails and 5,7 mm Ø for model KR e KRD. Model GD6 nails have an M6 threaded head. Models GD8 nails have an M8 head. Nails KDHC have the head of Ø 4,9 mm. Nails with a sheared point can be used for hand fastening with a hammer or nail set since the penetration force is less powerful.

WASHER. BRANDED HEAD. Nails KDH, KDHM, CHC, CHS, KDHR, KDC and KISL are branded with the letter “I” for Italy, a trademark registered by Bossong at the “BTP - Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt” Berlin Institute. The “I” for Italy identifies nails produced by Bossong.

BIT. The nail is guided through a machine that, with a specific action, produces a ballistic point like the one commonly called HAMMERED. This system allows the point to be reinforced by compressing the fibre of the steel. Our ballistic bit has a greater concrete penetration capacity than a shearing bit on account of its less angular shape and its higher resistance, in that the drawing fibres are not sheared but compressed. Nails with a sheared point can be used for hand fastening with a hammer or nail set since the penetration force is less powerful.
NB. Power actuated fastening is a technical system and must only be used by a qualified specialist.

HEAT TREATMENT. The nail is TEMPERED in a special furnace to add greater hardness and reduce its brittleness. The high resistance nail must be able to bend through up to 90° without breaking. This is why our nails are called “SAFETY” to prevent the danger of splinters when a nail encounters a surface that it cannot penetrate such as, for example, large stones in the concrete. A good quality nail BENDS but does not BREAK! The nail bends from a min. of 45° to a max. of 90° without cracking or breaking.

GALVANISING. A galvanizing and chromic passivation process is done for each nail with a mechanical galvanizing process applied with a minimum thickness of the protection coat of 6 μm or with an electroplating process with a minimum protection coat of 5 μm.

WASHER. Of nylon (PA 6,6), diameter: 8 mm Ø with soft tabs to reach guides of Ø 8 and Ø 9 for model KD, KDH, KDHC, GD6, GD8, CHC, CHS, KDHR and KDC nails or poliossimetilene (POM) Ø 12 mm for model KRD and KDR + steel washer, GD6, GD8+steel washer, GBH and RK nails. The nylon washer is used to guide insertion of the rivet into the barrel of the gun. Steel washer Ø 12 mm. for nails KR and KRD. Other steel washers in a range of diameters can be mounted in front of the nail before fastening.

LOAD. The recommended traction and cutting load for a minimum penetration of 27 mm into C 20/25 concrete is of kN 0,4 (40 Kg) one fixing. Minimum 5 fastenings per line. Suggested load for steel fixings using a KDH-20 nail for a minimum base material thickness of 10 mm is of max 1,1 kN (110 Kg).